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Dia-de-Amigos… já cheira a Carnaval!

Nos Açores a folia do Carnaval, ou Entrudo, começa já hoje com a celebração do Dia de Amigos, prolongando-se por um mês, com o festejar do Dia de Amigos, Amigas, Compadres e Comadres, a cada quinta-feira das quatro semanas que … Continue reading

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How to Use the Verb Ser in Portuguese

How to Use the Verb Ser in Portuguese The verbs Ser and Estar are equivalent to the English verb to be. In Portuguese these two verbs are irregular and can’t be used interchangeably.  Now let’s study the usage of the … Continue reading

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Learn a Second Language: Give Your Brain a Workout!

People who don’t exercise for even a short period of time are always amazed at how quickly their muscles lose their strength. Equally amazing is how much hard work it takes to get back into shape. It’s like that with … Continue reading

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