How to Use the Verb Ser in Portuguese

How to Use the Verb Ser in Portuguese

The verbs Ser and Estar are equivalent to the English verb to be.

In Portuguese these two verbs are irregular and can’t be used interchangeably.  Now let’s study the usage of the verb Ser to express someone’s nationality.

Study the following example of how to use the verb ser in Portuguese:

A amiga da Ana é portuguesa.
Anne’s friend is Portuguese.

The verb Ser plus the preposition de is used to express someone’s place of origin.  Notice that the preposition de will contract with the definite article to form a contraction (do, da, dos, das) if the noun used requires an article.  Study the examples:

Você é de Lisboa?
Are you from Lisbon?

Ela é da Terceira e ele é do Pico.
She is from Terceira and he is from Pico.

Eu sou dos Açores.
I am from the Azores.

Nós somos das Ilhas dos Açores.
We are from the Azorian Islands.

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