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The usage of the Direct Object Pronoun in Portuguese

The usage of Direct Object Pronouns! Learn to speak European Portuguese with Maria Oliveira’s language programs, courses and lessons.  This short lesson will explain how to use the Direct Object Pronoun with an ER infinitive.  As you can see on the examples, the noun direct object can be replaced by a pronoun and added to a verb infinitive.  Study the following steps and examples:

1.  First replace the er by ê

2.  Then add a hyphen

3.  And then add either lo/ la/ los / las.  The gender and the number of the pronoun must agree with the noun replaced.

Study the following examples:

Eu quero escrever uma carta.              Eu quero escrevê-la

Eu quero beber um copo de vinho.     Eu quero bebê-lo

Ela quer escolher as bolsas.                 Ela quer escolhê-las

Tu queres ler os livros.                        Tu queres lê-los.

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