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Maria Oliveira Language Learning CenterThis site provides instruction, information, and study tips for individuals who wish to learn European Portuguese. A particular focus is on a study abroad program that take place in the Azores Islands under the guidance of Maria Oliveira, Director of the Language Learning Online Center.

A native of the Azores, Maria Oliveira provides personally guided tours of her homeland that include daily classroom instruction and full immersion into the culture and history of the area. The presentation of language study in an island paradise has proven to be a popular and successful learning experience. Information about the trip itinerary, details of cost, daily schedules, and accommodations for participants can be viewed on this site. Colorful videos of the islands provide highlights of recent tours, and there is a section containing authentic family recipes personally tested and frequently used by Maria herself!

There are several reasons why a strong interest in learning the Portuguese language has developed in recent years. For some, it is the desire to recover the language spoken by their families. Students wish to recapture the essence of their cultural background, which includes language, music and food. For others, the desire to learn to speak Portuguese is business related, or a means to expand cultural awareness. A second language such as Portuguese can attract new friends and travel opportunities. Becoming bilingual in any language is a worthwhile and achievable goal, and learning abroad is an exciting way to obtain an effective language learning experience as you practice and perfect your skills by interacting with native speakers. Whether you are studying abroad or closer to home, this site provides content about the Azorean cultural, offers free language lessons, and directs you to class schedules for on-site classes at the California center. Detailed offerings of language learning materials are available for independent study or to augment current classroom programs.

The free lessons on this site are only a sample of what you can learn in a full course of study. For beginning students or those wishing to brush up their skills, you can improve your Portuguese language skills in a traditional classroom or on your own by using Maria Oliveira’s vocabulary CDs, online lessons, the Conversational Portuguese series, and more, all offered on the website.