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European Portuguese Vocabulary Series 1

European Portuguese Vocabulary – Volume 1
Perfect for the independent, motivated language learner!

Learn hundreds of Portuguese words in 13 audio lessons. Words you will learn are relevant to topics like family, nature, travel, shopping, business, and others. Increase your communication skills by practicing correct pronunciation, taught by a native speaker. Included are reference cards for a quick spell check. These downloadable lessons allow you to study where and when you wish, and set your own pace and goals in your ongoing studies.

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European Portuguese Vocabulary – Volume 2

Volume 2 of European Portuguese continues with additional vocabulary words that pertain to the home, clothing, food, and other areas. Enhance your conversational skills with hundreds of all new words; listen to the audio lessons and practice the correct pronunciation taught by a native speaker. Refer to the included reference cards to check spelling and reading comprehension. It’s a portable study tool that will have you speaking and understanding Portuguese on your own schedule.

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European Portuguese Vocabulary – Volume 3

Volume 3 in the European Portuguese Vocabulary series contains 22 lessons of all new words for a variety of subjects. Learn the areas of a home, from the bedroom to the kitchen, and the objects in them. Name the parts of the human body, and helpful health related nouns. Foods that make up a meal will increase your comfort level when dining at a home or in a restaurant. Learn about clothing and footwear. Study about education, including items found in a classroom. Listen to accurate pronunciation from a native speaker; practice independently on your own schedule. Reference cards are included for visual learning.

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Portuguese Medical Vocabulary

Photo: Learn Portuguese Medical Vocabulary on CD

Portuguese Medical Vocabulary
This audio course is designed to help health professionals communicate with their patients in Portuguese. This audio course contains 17 lessons that provide the names of body parts, medical conditions, symptoms, and many other words useful in a medical setting. Students learn correct pronunciation from a native speaker (European accent). Vocabulary is offered in a format that can be repeated as often as necessary. Learn in the car, or while relaxing at home; it’s up to you! A reference booklet is included for an optional quick check of spelling.

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Conversational Portuguese Series

Photo: Learn Portuguese Language Series 1

Portuguese Vocabulary – Series 1 is a complete, self-contained Portuguese language program consisting of two CDs, two reference cards, a transcript of the audio lessons, and an illustrated workbook with over 40 pages of written exercises, puzzles, and self-testing quizzes. An answer section is included for easy referral. The material covers basic vocabulary, useful phrases for conversation, and also includes some introductory grammar constructions. The audio lessons feature a native speaker using authentic pronunciation, while the workbook sharpens reading and writing skills through exercises that can be repeated as needed. This combination of spoken and written practice is the most successful method of language acquisition available, and it is presented in a clear, concise, user-friendly format. Whether your interests are professional or personal, Series 1 provides an excellent beginning for your European Portuguese language studies.

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Photo: Learn Portuguese Language Series 2Conversational Portuguese Series 2 introduces new vocabulary and expands grammatical constructions. Students begin to understand and create their own sentences. Series 2 is a complete, self-contained program consisting of 26 audio lessons, a transcript of the audio lessons, and an illustrated workbook with 94 pages of written exercises, puzzles, and quizzes. An answer section is included. The workbook lessons are formatted to follow the audio portion so that students may combine their written and oral practice, the most effective way to learn a new language. The native speaker on the audio presents an authentic European Portuguese pronunciation. This readable, user-friendly addition to your basic Portuguese studies is the best next step in becoming bilingual. It’s fun, and it works!

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Photo: Conversational Portuguese Series 3 on CD

Conversational Portuguese Series 3 moves the student toward a more fluent understanding of basic European Portuguese. Learn new vocabulary, useful conversational expressions, and helpful grammatical constructions in this complete and self-contained program. Included are 26 audio lessons that provide authentic European Portuguese pronunciation; a transcript of the audio lessons so you can follow along; an illustrated workbook with 40 exercises, puzzles, and quizzes. The answer section helps you test yourself and repeat the material as often as needed. This combined oral and written program guides you through lessons progressively so that success is fast and frequent, and fun, too!!

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