Learn to Speak Portuguese

Learn to Speak Portuguese Free

Learn to Speak Portuguese Free

Learn to Speak Portuguese using our FREE Language Learning activities.  Maria’s free European/Continental Portuguese Language lessons and interactive exercises are for beginners. They are intended to introduce and demonstrate basic Portuguese language concepts. Lessons are structured to increase vocabulary while also showing the appropriate grammatical placement of the words in a sentence. Beginning at a simple level, the lessons become more complex as they progress. Study one lesson per week to enhance your vocabulary and understanding of the Portuguese language.

We’ve provided Portuguese Lesson #1 as a sample below. For 9 more free lessons and 9 interactive exercises (crossword puzzles and quizzes), contact us and we’ll send you the link to access them – all free!

Portuguese Direct Object Pronouns Placement – Lesson 1
Portuguese Direct Object Pronouns Placement – Lesson 2
Portuguese Direct Object Pronouns – Lessons 3
Portuguese Indirect Object Pronouns – Lesson 4
The Verb Ser In Portuguese – Lesson 5

If you are a beginner student, we recommend:

Portuguese Vocabulary – Series 1 Complete Set on CD
Includes two CDs, two reference cards, a transcript of the audio lessons, and an illustrated workbook.

978-1-888165-21-0 ONLY $39.95  

For Additional Information Visit our site 

Boa Sorte!

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