The Direct Object

The Direct ObjectUsages of the Direct Object

Free Portuguese Language Lessons: This short lesson on the usage of the Portuguese Direct Object will explain how to change the noun by a pronoun and use it with an AR infinitive.   The noun direct object can be replaced by a pronoun and added to a verb infinitive.

Study the following steps:

1.  First replace the ar by á

2.  Then add a hyphen

3. And then add either lo/ la/ los /las according to the noun replaced.

Study the following examples:

Eu vou terminar a comida.                  Eu vou terminá-la

Eu vou lavar o carro.                           Eu vou lavá-lo

Ela vai convidar os seus amigos.         Ela vai convidá-los

Tu vais comprar duas bolsas.              Tu vais comprá-las

Additional lessons on the usage of the Portuguese direct and indirect object Pronouns are available now!

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