Portuguese Indirect Object Pronouns

The Portuguese indirect object pronouns are:

Portuguese English
me to me
te to you – singular – familiar
lhe to you | him | her | it singular – formal
nos to us
vos to you – plural
lhes to them

1.  The Portuguese indirect object pronouns follow the conjugated verb in affirmative sentences.  Study the examples:

Ele comprou-me um carro novo.
He bought me a new car.

A Rosa escreveu-te uma carta.
Rose wrote you a letter.

Eu mandei-lhe uma revista.
I sent him a magazine.

2.  The indirect object pronouns will be placed before the verb in negative sentences.  Study the examples:

Ele não me comprou um carro novo.
He did not buy me a new car.

A Rosa não te escreveu uma carta.
Rose did not write you a letter.

Eu não lhe mandei uma revista.
I did not send him a magazine.

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