No hablo inglés to a Spanish Language Empire

No hablo inglés to a Spanish Language Empire

Acquiring knowledge and improving one’s self is vital in today’s ever challenging world of business. No one knows this better than Maria Oliveira who was born in the Portuguese Azores Islands and at the age of 19, unable to speak English when she came to the U.S.

Maria turned her language barrier into an opportunity that resulted in her building a Spanish language empire, Maria Oliveira Language Learning School.

She is a Tenacious Woman – who has Tenacity, Empowerment, Nacreous, Ambition, Courage, Intuition, Optimistic, Unique, Success, who paired it with Will-power, Originality, Motivation, Astute, a Nurturing spirit to fulfill her dream.

Join Host Jewel Daniels and Guest Maria Oliveira as they chat about the challenge of learning a second language and the difficulties in developing and operating a language learning center.

Date: September 13th
Time: 7 pm.

If you have any questions, please visit us
online at
or call us at 912.443.1995.

Maria Oliveira Language Learning Online Center

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