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Usages of the Portuguese Direct Object Pronouns.

The direct object pronouns in Portuguese are:

Portuguese              English

me                                 me
te                                   you – singular and familiar
o                                    you – masculine – singular and formal.  It is also him and it.
a                                    you – feminine – singular and formal.  It is also her and it.
nos                                us
vos                                you – plural – masculine and feminine
os                                  them – masculine
as                                  them – feminine

Usage of the direct object pronouns in a sentence:

1. Pronouns replace the nouns in the sentence and they follow the verb in affirmative sentences.

Eu tenho um livro.                  Eu tenho-o.
I have a book.                            I have it.

Eu telefonei-te ontem.            Ela convidou-me a uma festa.
I called you yesterday.           She invited me to a party.

2. If the question doesn’t begin with an interrogative word, the direct object pronouns will also follow the verb.

Ela perguntou-me pelos meus pais?
She asked me about my parents?

3. But when beginning a question with an interrogative word, the direct object will be placed before the verb.  Study the example.

Eu vi os teus pais hoje.                       Onde  os vistes?
I saw your parents today.                  Where did you see them?

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